That was (kind of still is) my husband's name in the streets. He was given the name as a kid by some of the other kids in the neighborhood and it just stuck. And where he comes from, that name holds a lot of weight. That name also accounts for the majority of the trouble my husband got into.

To tell the truth, I am married to 1 person with 3 people inside of him. Jonathan, Jay Jay,

and Ratboy! I can not stand RATBOY!!!

Now the weird part about this trilogy is that they all share similar loving qualities. But that damn Ratboy!!! He is something to deal with! In the beginning, Ratboy was on 1000!!! He was already a handful, but prison amplified it. This was his adjusting phase. It was a MESS!

I had to adjust to someone I hated, he had to adjust to the realization that this was his new life for the next 20 plus years. The entire process was draining.

I learned to navigate the adjusting phase through communication, years later of course, but it happened. I learned that I had to speak up about how Ratboy and the things he did made me feel. I couldn't expect him to understand how things made me feel if I just let it slide every time.

The lesson: COMMUNICATION IS KEY no matter what. Be respectful in your delivery and coachable in your receipt.


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