"Last One Inside" (written 4-18-20)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JONATHAN STAPLES! This is the last birthday my husband will spend behind bars! A lot of “finals” to mark this year! Final Valentines, final birthday, final thanksgiving……….HE IS COMING HOME.

24 years of celebrating significant moments, now off to make new memories. It's only right for me to document it.

That’s right, 24 years! My husband has been incarcerated for 24 years. But this is the last one. The one thing that comes to the front of my mind is how many others have suffered through what we have. So many support systems, broken down and bullied by the department of corrections. So much money spent, so much time wasted.

Today as we celebrate the final birthday behind bars, we invite you to celebrate WITH US! I pray you enjoy weekly inspiration from me. I will share struggles and personal fears. I will also highlight ways to redirect negative energy when communicating with your loved one and so much more.

So until next time!!! Demand your sanity, PROTECT YOUR PEACE



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