Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a support system for those who have been affected by incarceration, to eliminate the school to prison pipeline and act as a voice for those who feel silenced from their trauma.


A strong network of peers affected by incarceration that provide mentoring, effective resources and a safe space to share their truths.



Sonya Evan Staples

Founder & Executive Director

When the topic of prison reform and reducing recidivism arises in community conversations, one of the top individuals that come to mind is Mrs. Sonya Evan Staples. Mrs. Staples has become a pioneer in bringing awareness to the growing rates of incarcerated citizens and the lack of resources after re-entry into the community.


She is a Richmond native with a passion for community development. Helping the prison community at a grass-root level is her life's work. Mrs. Staples has volunteered for over 20 years and prides herself on being a vehicle of change. She has dedicated her time, energy and resources to building strong individuals and has helped to birth stronger families and communities. Every thing she touches is aligned with that mission; from Life Coaching to being a Media Specialist for C.I.R.N, the Criminal Injustice Reform Network.


Sonya Evan Staples is the founder of the non-profit organization "From Prison to Promise. This organization was established in 2017 with the mission of providing a voice to those who have been silenced by incarceration. Weekly, Mrs. Staples gives individuals a safe space to discuss issues surrounding incarceration through the "From Prison to Promise" Internet radio show. It is her hope that individuals impacted by incarceration will gain strength and strategies to alleviate the struggle of waiting or starting over.


When Mrs. Staples is not deep into tackling issues within the prison community she is a wife, mother, notary public and author.  Her first book, From Prison to Promise, is available on Amazon. Each of these tasks further pushes her mission of creating a better community for all.


For business inquires or more, contact her by email at fromprisontopromise@gmail.com.

Rev. Darrell E. Taylor

Vice President

Rev. Taylor was born and raised in Richmond, VA.  Upon completion of John Marshall High School, he was called to Ministry. On June 15, 1998 he was officially licensed to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ by the First Baptist Church Washington Park under Pastor Andre L. Wimbish. Rev. Taylor currently serves as the Sr. Pastor of the Fairfield Baptist Church.

Elder Yolanda “Monique” Coleman 


Elder Yolanda Coleman is the CEO and Founder of F.A.I.T.H. (Families Attaining Integrity Thru Hope) Mentoring Program, Hearts Desire Wedding Officiant, and holds public office as a Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Elder Coleman is a published author and released her first book, “From Broken to Reborn!”, in April 2019. She has over nineteen years of experience working in the Human Services field. She is committed to mentoring at-risk youth, teens, and young adults who struggle with addiction, mental health disorders, domestic violence, and returning citizens.

From Prison To Promise

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